Tender and present exactly what you require payment for

Meps makes your efficiency both visible and profitable

As a contractor, you can tender and present exactly what you require payment for. And you receive payment for the amount of work you have completed, not the time it took to carry it out. In this way, your efficiency becomes both visible and profitable.

Meps creates an open dialogue between client and performer

The scope and price of the assignment are transparent and clear even before the assignment starts, in order to avoid uncertainty that can lead to conflicts. In addition, the assignment can be adjusted in the event of any deviations without the need for new price negotiations, as the conditions for additional and discontinued work have already been agreed.

Meps creates efficient contractors, which benefits serious players

The central feature of Meps is that it is not based on time, but rather on the amount of work. We have consequently created a standard where the amount of work is measured instead of the lowest hourly price, which creates a healthy market. This makes it impossible to win procurements simply by dropping your hourly rate, which disingenuous players may do.

Meps ensures that the main contractor has full control

By using Meps, you improve the potential to control your business yourself, and at the same time reduce your administrative costs You can invoice more quickly and plan better.

Meps creates fair competition

Everyone competes with the actual content of the work as the parameter, which provides skilled and efficient contractors with a competitive advantage.