How long does it take to repair a vehicle?

How long does it take to repair a vehicle?

There are as many answers to this question as there are vehicles and types of collision damage. The variables are almost infinite. The answer is naturally dependent on the vehicle and the spare parts in question, but also on the what technology is available and what materials and methods are required. Thanks to our CABAS calculation system, however, you can calculate the repair time quickly and easily, regardless of the car model or the damage sustained.

We conduct detailed time studies for the entire repair process

CABAS is based on actual time studies that we are continually conducting at car workshops. From the time the car rolls into the workshop until the time the repair is completed, we study every aspect of the process carefully: method, action, tools and times for each work stage. We even measure the times for collecting spare parts, reading instructions and arranging tools. All the collected data is then analysed to create a basis for our formulas in MYSBY, the actual tool, in order to calculate the operation times for repairs.s.

New models are examined in the finest detail

MYSBY is continually updated when new car models, new materials, new tools or new methods are introduced. We study, measure and analyse actual damage repairs in order to obtain reliable information about how long it takes to replace various components. We also calculate paint surfaces and painting times for all spare parts that may need to be painted in conjunction with a repair.

Unique database

The unique aspect of CABAS is the extensive database. This contains operation times, painting times, complete spare parts lists including article numbers and prices, as well as rotating 3D images of the spare parts, which make spare part selection easier for the workshops.

CABAS provides you with the overall repair cost as well as all important documents.

CABAS specifies which spare parts and actions are affected by the repair. In this way you are provided with the total repair cost as well as all the documents that both the workshop and the insurance companies need in one and the same system.

A common communication platform

CABAS is also a communication platform, and after the calculation has been performed and the damage photographed, this documentation is sent directly from the workshop to the insurance company. This rapid, smooth communication between workshop and insurance company facilitates and speeds up the processing of the damage. Everyone benefits from this: the workshop can quickly start work on the repair, the insurance can quickly regulate the damage and the vehicle owner gets their vehicle back as quickly as possible.

Streamlining with VTR Query

By specifying the vehicle's registration number in the CABAS calculation, the CABAS calculation can be updated automatically with information from the Road and Traffic Registry (VTR). This saves time and streamlines administration, as the workshop does not have to find out the information and fill it in manually in the CABAS calculation.

Streamlining with DMS Integration

By integrating the workshop's business system (DMS) with CABAS, the administrative work in the workshop can be streamlined. For example, the workshop can bring in work orders from the business system to the CABAS calculation and send out invoicing information from the CABAS calculation to the workshop's business system.

Around 23,000 users

At present, CABAS has around 23,000 users in the Nordic region.