How long does it take to repair a vehicle?


Using the CABAS calculation system, you can quickly and easily calculate both the time and cost of vehicle repairs – regardless of vehicle or damage.

CABAS streamlines the entire repair process

When a vehicle needs to be repaired, there are two questions that those involved immediately want answered: how long will it take and how much will it cost? This is naturally dependent on a number of different circumstances, but with the aid of CABAS you can quickly and easily provide the correct answer.

Extensive time studies of actual repairs

Ever since the 1970s, we at CAB have been conducting ongoing, comprehensive data collection and time studies of actual repairs, correct work stages and actual methods. In this way, we obtain legitimate and objectively measured repair times.

Unique database containing all necessary information

We produce some of these times at the request of some of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers, although we gather most in our own database. Here there is not only all the data required to perform relevant calculations, but also complete spare parts lists including article numbers, prices and 3D images of all parts. In order for you, as a buyer or seller of repair services, to benefit from this data, we develop and build systems that make it easy to perform accurate repair and cost calculation.

CABAS provides you with all the necessary documents

Our systems also provide you with all the documents you need. And as all the data is detailed and traceable – and the presentation is open – the documents provide invaluable support in negotiations and for agreements between all the parties involved.