CAB Times

Cost control and effective after-market processes


Time is the key when checking and following up costs.

The basic precondition for checking and effective following-up of costs within after-market is often governed by time. Time for implementing a repair, a diagnosis or service. CAB Times provides you with the tools to produce standardised high-resolution times, which are a precondition for the client and performer of the task to feel secure.

CAB Times creates rapid opportunities

With CAB Times, you do not require access to hardware in the development process for your vehicles. The tools provide you with the standard times you need. You rapidly receive reliable times that can be used for the development process of a new product or to develop a design proposal that leads to an improvement to the repair options for the product. CAB Times also gives you the opportunity to re-use times that you have already created and to share times between design platforms.

Accurate time studies behind the time formula tool

We have gathered information about thousands of repairs around the world, and this forms the basis for CAB Times. We have measured the time, looked at all the constituent elements and analysed how they relate to each other, down to screw and nut level. This work results in the basic times, or the time formula tool, comprising the basis for CAB Times.

Easy to follow up

Administration and following-up of standard times are supported in the best way imaginable. All the information is transparent and you can answer questions from users at a very detailed level – you know exactly how many screws and components are included in your standard times. This resolution provides you with the potential to follow up cost-driving activities for your products in detail, an invaluable input for product development.

Standard times for all activities

CAB Times includes three main tools for producing standard times:

  1. MYSBY – for bodywork repairs including surface alignment and dimension alignment, presupposes that collision damage has occurred.
  2. MEKBY – for mechanical repairs and service work.
  3. LACK – for painting work after damage repair.

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