Insurance companies

Increase control over damage costs

Meps provides you with increased cost control

For insurance companies, Meps provides increased control over the damage costs and data for following up both the individual business and suppliers.

Meps creates an open dialogue between client and performer

The scope and price of the assignment are transparent and clear even before the assignment starts, in order to avoid uncertainty that can lead to conflicts. In addition, the assignment can be adjusted in the event of any deviations without the need for new price negotiations.

Meps creates an effective market and increased competitiveness

Having a standard where the amount of work is measured rather than the lowest hourly price creates a healthy market where it is not possible to win procurements simply by dropping your hourly rate.

Payment for work performed – not for time spent

Payment is made for the amount of work performed rather than an hourly rate. This creates security and control over costs, and you always know in detail what actions have been carried out. Meps also generates lower costs, allowing you to save up to 20 per cent of your repair and maintenance costs.

Compare different suppliers

With Meps, you always know exactly what you have paid for and you have the potential to verify this afterwards. You also have an excellent opportunity to compare the costs and efficiency of various suppliers against each other.