From shoes to cars and properties with one common denominator: Streamlining

CAB has its roots in the determined and creative engineer Helmer Reveman. Between 1942 and 1946 he worked as workshop manager at Gustafsson & Görtz in Örebro, but like a true entrepreneur, Reveman was constantly having new ideas. He became interested in the shoe industry, and it was from a shoe company that he gained his first assignment as a rationalisation expert, for which he subsequently became known. He established Revemans Ingenjörsbyrå AB in 1946.

Cars were the breakthrough

In 1955, he transferred his ideas to car workshops, when he was awarded a major commission for Volvo. For a few years he travelled around the country introducing his system at Volvo dealers and workshops. He established Consulting AB Helmer Reveman 14 years later, in 1969, with Ragnar Andersson and Anders Lennermark joining as co-owners. Together they began to review the hotel sector – but it was cars that were the major breakthrough.

Collaboration with the insurance sector

In due course, Skandia wanted data regarding bodywork repairs. This was the starting shot for a long-term collaboration between CAB and the whole of the insurance sector.

In 1972, Reveman sold his shares in the company to Andersson and Lennermark, and Consulting AB Lennermark&Andersson was formed. Together they created the successful MYSBY tool, which at the time gathered all the data on paper – and the bundles just grew and grew. MYSBY was a success throughout the automotive and insurance sectors, which were now able effectively to calculate how much vehicle damage would cost.

With the aid of electronics, all the bundles of paper were replaced with a database. Calculations could now be sent directly from workshop to insurance company – without the need to transport paper in the luggage compartment.

The business grew rapidly and the products needed to be developed. In order to finance this development and generate security in the company, CAB changed from being a privately-owned company to having the Swedish insurance companies as majority owners.

Meps AB acquired and the insurance sector opened up

Over the following decades, a great deal happened. CAB opened offices and a workshops in Germany, the systems were launched in the Nordic region and the company acquired major international customers at the same time as developing new products.

The next major milestone occurred in 2014, when CAB acquired the Gävle-based company Meps AB, which opened up yet another sector: the property sector.

Main owner of Boka Doktorn

In 2016 CAB enters the healthcare sector by becoming the main owner of Boka Doktorn.

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